E-Scan with ScanVision Static sEMG

Introducing 4th Generation Static sEMG: Changing The World from Pain-Based to Preventive.
Solid, reproducible and Wirefree.

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 What is Static sEMG?1 Scan with Tabby


Utilizing technology nearly identical to the commonly used EKG/ECG, the MyoVision ScanVision device allows you to do a “Quick Measure” of muscle tension about the spine, showing muscular compensation patterns for various spinal disorders.  With it’s high tech wireless design, no longer do you have issues of poor reproducibility found in previous generation Static sEMG systems.  Furthermore, designed around the Standing sEMG test, the data is much more clinically relevant than machines limited to seated tests.

What do the bar graphics mean?  The bars extend outward from the spine, showing muscle tension levels on both left and right sides of the spine. The length of the bars are proportional to the amount of
the amount of muscle tension.  The readings are presented numerically as “microvolts” or millionths of a volt.  What separates the MyoVision sEMG from the EKG?  The heart muscle is significantly larger, and much easier to measure. The MyoVision ScanVision Static sEMG has significantly greater amplification, and thus is a more precise instrument.

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How did Dr. Clarke nearly triple his practice just a few months?

The power of the visual mind is great.  MyoVision provides an accurate “picture” of the mechanism of subluxation. It is a patient awareness tool, effectively providing a “reminder” that the pains and aches they have gotten used to can be resolved.    According to MyoVision inventor, David Marcarian: “We have to stop talking and let MyoVision do it’s job”.  Prospective and current patients all seem to get it:  They want to see data. They want to see it quickly. It is not enough to “tell” them what you believe to be true. You must show them. Dr. Clarke has seen the magic of MyoVision’s E-Scan.  Listen to him closely.

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How do you perform the test and reach thousands with the  E-Scan E-Biz Card?

Since the beginning of time, Surface EMG devices have had issues with their reproducibility. This was caused by their being affected by electrical interference from lights, motors, AC units etc. David Marcarian, NASA sEMG expert and inventor of the MyoVision put all of his knowledge into making this design nearly “interference free” making your life easier. How do you know?  The time it takes to “settle” when you touch the probes to the skin is your measure. Watch how quickly the device settles.  Getting patients tested quickly and accurately is the result of our patented technology.


How do Chiropractic adjustments affect the Static sEMG Results?

 Let’s look at a Pre- to Post Adjustment evaluation.  Take a look at the changes which occurred when a young DC from South Africa performed a pre-to post adjustment scan.  And you thought Thermography was cool…

Want to reach thousands of patients? “With technology, he’s not your parent’s Chiropractor”

Watch how Dr. Matt Hamilton “wows’ skeptical TV show hosts (they are representative of today’s prospective patient) with Chiropractic Technology.  The modern patient wants to see data no matter what we want to believe. Why not join Dr. Matt Hamilton and let’s create a new image of the modern Chiropractor…”not your father’s chiropractor”

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Listen to NASA Trained sEMG Expert and MyoVision Inventor David Marcarian, demonstrate this revolutionary technology.

Patients typically remember only 10-15% of what the doctor tells them in a visit.  Patients appreciate our passion, yet we’ve never broken through that 8% of the population.  Why?  One reason is the patient’s need for objective data to justify care.  With the average auto mechanic able to proof via the code generated by your car’s computer justification for care, we need to take the same path to meet the needs of our modern, tech-savvy patient.

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E-Scan is:

  • That follow-up call reinforcing your message within 10 seconds of the MyoVision exam.
  • A means of collecting patient email addresses for future marketing.
  • A tool which skips the APP (there is no app required).  By sending via email, patients receive reinforcement three times.  Their Smartphone, Ipad, and email.
  • A way of reaching prospective patients at a screening without printing out scans they will most likely lose anyhow.
  • The best way for patients seeking wellness care to justify their Chiropractic Care to skeptical family members.
  • Fast and simple, with stunning graphics.
  • Allows you to create your own custom message, changing as often as you like offering other services, or just reminding your patients.
  • A means to have patients post scan results via Facebook. With your embedded contact info in the image, your “E-Biz Card” will be seen by the 160 friends on Facebook (no HIPPA Violations here..the tool does not print names).

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Want to see the software in action?  It is simple, fast and effective.EricaShowing EScan with Phone Jan 31 2013

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Another MyoVision Success Story!

Dr. Baden PattersonMy name is Dr. Baden Patterson and I graduated in Sept. 2012 from The University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. I opened my practice in Idaho Falls, Idaho, a town in an area with a population of approx. 105,000 people in the city and surrounding areas. This area is a bit saturated with over 70 licensed Chiropractors and over 30 active practices in just the town of Idaho Falls itself.

MyoScreening Booth with Pull Up with Lightweight TV Tripod Stand (TV, table & MyoVision not included)

MyoScreening Booth with Pull Up Ad and Folding TV Tripod Stand (TV, table & MyoVision not included)

I opened a brand new practice from the ground up in March. The only marketing I did was with my MyoVision with E-Scan™ . I started going to 3-4 different gyms in the area and I attended two vendor fairs. Prospective patients love the new high-tech graphics on my flat screen.  They thought that it was so cool that I could send their test directly to their smartphone.

I booked enough appointments with my MyoVision E-Scanning system that I was able to start off strong, have return patients and see some real success stories.

To top it off I made over $17,000 my first month in practice.

I am confident that I would not have been able to have this level of success without E-Scan and my Wireless MyoVision Static sEMG.

Thanks, MyoVision!

Dr. Baden Patterson
Fit 4 Life Chiropractic
2086 E. 25th Street
Idaho Falls ID. 83404

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With E-Scan, each Static Scan performed in your office or at a screening is emailed from your MyoVision computer to the patients Smartphone, iPad and Email address by clicking “Send”.

  • Reinforce the “message” instantly, effortlessly as they walk out the door.
  • Forward scans to friends, family and spouse showing “why” they need to see you.
  • Each image sent is an “electronic business card” showing your contact information embedded in patent-pending process with “Free Scan” message for anyone they show.
  • Posting on Facebook means you get free advertising for you and your office.
  • You become the “high tech doctor” they were looking for, all by clicking SEND!
  • Stores email addresses for future email marketing!

Watch the Simplicity of E-Scan in Action (1:30 seconds)

David Marcarian speaks on E-Scan for Frank Sovinky’s DC Mentors Group in Seattle. Listen Up!


Listen to Developer David Marcarian desribe the E-Scan invention itself.

There is nothing more difficult than “selling the invisible”.  This is even more so the case in our modern, high tech world where our potential patients are accustomed to seeing technology in all offices of healthcare providers. MyoVision’s Patent-Pending High Speed Static Scanning sEMG, the 3G ScanVision, is the ultimate choice for health care providers wanting to grow their practices the easy way…with data.


Do Patients Prefer Doctors that Use Technology?  Hear the Viewpoint of a Potential Patient Randomly Stopping at a MyoVision Screening!

Want to see the Power of Wireless Screennings?  Now Walk Out To The Potential Patient Instead of Hoping They Will Come To You!

Taking only 90 seconds per full spine Static sEMG exam, and less than 20 seconds at a screening, one accomplishes instant credibility with current and potential patients the second they see their “personalized muscle map” on the computer screen.

The key to MyoVision’s success is that it shows them what you feel!

The five electrode design allows measurement at two levels instead of one, meaning more information in half the time. Half the time means more time to spend with your patients, and build your practice.

Our easy to understand graphics make tracking progress through a care plan painless to see and explain.

New “High Tech” Graphics tell the story visually, as most of us learn visually.


The tool of choice for health fairs and screenings.

The ScanVisions have a proven track record of increasing response at health fairs and screenings. But, don’t take our word for it. Check out our testimonials page.

The 3G ScanVisions allow you to maximize your outreach at fairs so you can be sure you’re not wasting your time. The QuickScan feature in our software allows you to scan these potential patients quickly and easily, and still provides them with a detailed graphical representation of the spine with all your clinic’s information.




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Want to see the power of wireless screening?

View this impromptu video shot at a health fair. Need more proof? Check out the latest 2012 article of sEMG in Chiropractic Economics