DynaROM Interpretation Essentials Webinar

June 8, 2023

By: David Marcarian

DynaROM Overview in 10 mins.

By: David Marcarian

Learn the basics of what the DynaROM does, how it works, and what the data can tell you.

We live in a data driven society. Isn’t it time for the data to drive you?

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Convergence: The MD, DC & PI Attorney

Gregg Friedman, DC and David Marcarian

Is it possible to get mutual respect between the MD, DC and PI Attorney? Watch this webinar to learn how this simple, inexpensive tool is doing just that.

New Patient Care Plans

Dr. Josh Wagner & David Marcarian, MA

Learn the latest information to gain more retention, referrals and revenue!

How DynaROM Protects you from Deposition

Dr. Allen Fraley talks about his court experiences and what he’s doing to protect & preserve the future of Chiropractic.

MyoVision Software Features

This short video walks you through all the features of the MyoVision software that is available today!

Learn more at www.myovision.com/software

Pt. 1 of 2 video series: The why, the how and the “so what” of documentation in Chiropractic.

“The Why” with Dr. John Maltby. Learn more about the chiropractic revolution with new objective data and see the various cutting edge documentation techniques emerging from today’s scientific literature.

Pt. 1 of 2 video series: The why, the how and the “so what” of documentation in Chiropractic.

David Marcarian, inventor of the patented DynaROM technology joins tireless chiropractic advocate Jeri Anderson, DC to talk about how technology has changed the face of Personal Injury.

Imagine if you could upgrade your cell phone to the newest model each year rather than purchase brand new. You would save hundreds! Unfortunately, you can’t upgrade your cell phone; but you can upgrade your MyoVision. Learn all the benefits and advantages of our latest rechargeable design and how upgrading actually works to your advantage. The new design will save you hundreds and almost completely eliminate any downtime for repairs or maintenance.

John Maltby’s lecture at the ICA Subluxation Summit July 2017 on the topic of revolutionizing how the chiropractic profession views the need for objective data.

Josh Wagner, DC of Perfect Patient Funnel has a new method of optimizing cash patient conversion, referrals and retention so you can become the most referred to and sought after Doctor in your community

David Marcarian, MA, inventor of the Wireless DynaROM system, shows you the latest DynaROM report template that will make communication with your patients PCP quick and easy. When they see your data affirms their intuition, you’ll have instant credibility and increased referrals.

Podcast: How a MyoVision sEMG will grow your Chiropractic Clinic; Dr. Richard Avery & David Marcarian

Listen in on how MyoVision’s Data is changing the face of Chiropractic and beyond!

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Everything you need to know about ScanVision Static EMG in a quick 15 minute webinar.

Dr. Justin Trosclair interviews David Marcarian on the power of objective data in every aspect of life. Learn about MyoVision’s beginnings at NASA and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and how MyoVision’s credibility made them the subject of a major national TV show.

Learn the value of MyoVision’s FlexVision and ScanVision Static sEMG for Medicare documentation.

A new concept in new patient care for 2016 and beyond; Josh Wagner, DC

Josh Wagner, DC of www.perfectpatientfunnel.com covers an entirely new approach to the cash practice. Based on a model that engages patients in a manner most comfortable for them, he makes each patient conversation simpler and  more effective. 2016 and beyond is all about “Cash and Crash” and Josh will answer all of your questions in this webinar.

Interpretation of DynaROM exams has become extremely easy with the new Feature Pack C software which exports the report for quick interpretation.

Inventor of the MyoVision, David Marcarian explains how to perform interpretations in less than 5 minutes!

Interpretation of E-Scan Static sEMG with EP Stress Score

The Electrophysiological (EP) Stress Score is an entirely new way of looking at Static sEMG. Now that all the older, less accurate and unreliable machines are disappearing, the super reliable, accurate MyoVision E-Scan system has lead to a major increase in the use of Static sEMG throughout the world.

With uncertain insurance reimbursement, there are two areas that are doing well: Cash and Crash (PI). Utilizing the E-Scan to develop new cash patients and the DynaROM Motion sEMG to develop an “ethical” PI practice, it’s an approach that bulletproofs your practice for 2015 and beyond.

David Marcarian and Dr. Josh Wagner discuss the essentials for transitioning your PI patients to continue with your care. Even after their “case” is closed. Be of more value to your patients and help your practice grow with ease by retaining PI or “crisis” patients, into regular patients who want to stay and refer to you for life.

What you’ll get with this Webinar:
– The communication & tools to accomplish this
– The 2 must-have mindsets

Having spent over $100,000 on schooling, you have the knowledge, the skills and the right to be the primary doctor an attorney considers when referring patients in auto accidents.  How do you win the niche you deserve? David will explain the power of objective data in a data driven world, including:

  • Tools for evaluating injury
  • Simple, fast means of interpreting data
  • Drawing attorneys to you without unethical “tricks”

Doctors with Data are in Demand

Are you losing new patients who don’t fully understand that you can help them better than anyone else? David Marcarian and communication expert Dr. Josh Wagner will guide you through simple and effective conversation with your patients to increase:

  • Care acceptance
  • Patient Retention
  • Referrals
  • New Patient Trust

All related to your MyoVision data

Autumn discusses the benefits of treating PI patients even when payment for the services must wait until the time of settlement.
With deferred compensation, a chiropractor can expand the number of PI patients being treated and extend the duration of treatment for those patients. Learn to: 1) reduce your risk of an unpaid balance, 2) protect existing balances, and 3) pick the players on your recovery team.