FlexVision ROM

Functional Range of Motion for the Data Driven Doctor.

The AMA’s Gold Standard is now yours.

Fast, Easy & Accurate.

Objective data is crucial to your practice and your patients. The most accurate way to measure range of motion is with patented FlexVision Digital Range of Motion, the AMA’s Gold Standard.

  • Track both endpoint & quality of range of motion
  • Digital, wireless, rechargeable
  • Observe and document patient movement with exact degree measurement
  • Custom protocols for any extremity
  • Add on options available for dynamic muscle activity measurement
  • Online training portal – easily train staff and new hires
  • Email, text or print your patients HIPAA compliant scan – high resolution color graphics that are easy to interpret and understand. Proven to increase patient visit average, retention and referrals.
  • USB powered, true wireless, rechargeable technology
  • Accuracy to 1/10th of a degree
  • Export, send, print, and transfer to any EHR
  • Build and save custom protocols measuring up to 30 joints
  • Patented ergonomic design with adjustable base points to easily measure joints from the back and to a finger
  • Send HIPPA compliant test results instantly, includes your practice info; proven to increase new patient volume 5x
  • Passed rigorous UL drop-testing with less than a 1% failure rate.
  • No maintenance or supplies required
  • Modular design allows each device (e.g. ScanVision or DynaVision) to function separately, allowing two systems to be used on different computers simultaneousl


What is Functional Range of Motion?

Functional ROM not only shows how far the patient can bend, but the level of difficulty in bending. The graph shows motion over time, demonstrating not just how far, but also how well they were able to perform the motions.

Traditional end-point ROM is reported as a single value in degrees. Functional ROM gathers data by graphing the range of motion over time. Placing markers at end-point and neutral positions shows the end-point value and also shows the quality of motion by evaluating variability in the graphs. If the patient “ratchets” while moving, this will be visible on the graphs.



Traditional ROM vs MyoVision's Functional ROM

Traditional ROM


MyoVision’s Functional ROM


Why FlexVision?

The FlexVision graphics makes traditional endpoint
​Range of Motion simple to understand

Raise the bar with solid, objective data. Validate need for care and effectiveness of treatment with MyoVision.

Unique design allows hand to stabilize on body for greater accuracy.


Adjustable feet allow use on joints as small as a finger.


Send personalized test results instantly via email.