About Us

From NASA, to the National Institutes of Health, to you.

Research proven, physiologic data crucial to proper patient care.

A passion for excellence, innovation, and quality. These are the driving forces behind MyoVision. Developed under a prestigious NIH Grant, MyoVision is the result of thousands of hours of R&D and clinical application in areas from healthcare to sports medicine.

For over 30 years, MyoVision has revolutionized the detection, evaluation and documentation of soft tissue injury to give healthcare practitioners and their patients real objective data. A fusion of evidence-based and patient-centered care, our goal is for both patient and doctor to experience the highest quality clinical experience through visual evidence.

MyoVision is proudly designed and manufactured in the United States holding over 80 worldwide patents. We hope to continue the tradition of forward-thinking and innovation and we invite you to join us.


MyoVision Designer, David Marcarian, MA

David Marcarian

David developed his expertise in electrophysiology at NASA-Ames Research Center where he published an ergonomics evaluation of hand controllers used to fly the F-16.

“Everyone got out of the simulator complaining of arm muscle fatigue, so I sought out a technological solution to evaluate the severity of the problem.” He visited all the local universities, including Stanford and UC Berkeley and determined that although crude and in it’s infancy at the time, Surface EMG was needed to evaluate fatigue.

The results were clear, and along with other research, lead to the development of a newer form of hand controller. At 25 years old and armed with only an undergraduate in Physics and Master’s in Psychophysiology, he pursued and was awarded a prestigious $450,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NIH funded his idea to create an affordable device for measuring various physiologic signals including muscle activity, skin temperature, etc. This grant lead to the machine now known as the MyoVision.

Dr. William McIlvaine, a Chiropractor from Oregon, challenged Marcarian to apply his technology to the Chiropractic arena. The results were astounding. Every patient tested had muscle tension patterns which correlated with their spinal issues; known as subluxations.

Dr. McIlvaine, a World War II Veteran and extremely well respected Chiropractor, quickly became David’s source of inspiration.

With the surge of Surface EMG equipment in the early 90’s, many states began requiring training. Marcarian was relied upon for training in every state where training was required, including Ohio, Washington, Texas, Michigan, Louisiana and all the provinces in Canada.

In 2004, the State of Florida decided to remove the MyoVision evaluation from the list of approved diagnostic devices for evaluation of soft tissue injury. A Chiropractor who had seen the value of the MyoVision in PI cases, reached out to the profession to support his position and prevent the removal of the tool. Marcarian was the only individual to respond, thus making it a true David vs. Goliath case. There were 75 attorneys, 300 insurers and the State of Florida. This case, the largest case in the past 30 years, went all the way to the Supreme Court of Florida. Marcarian was up against 9 expert witnesses including an MD/PhD, and prevailed in both the lower court and Superior Court levels. This case has been utilized to establish admissibility of MyoVision evaluations in the courtroom throughout the United States.

MyoVision is now the largest selling equipment of its type in the world. ​