Good vs. Bad Electrodes

We want to ensure your test are as accurate as possible – one way is to make sure your electrodes are in good condition. Below are examples for both the E-Scan static electrodes and the DynaROM electrodes.

For your DynaROM tests, you are using the Dynamic Electrodes (item# pb-50). The image to the right shows both good and bad electrodes. To get the best connectivity and results, you want to make sure the gel in the middle of the electrodes are dark and moist (as shown by the 3 right-most electrodes). When they become dry (as shown by the 2 electrodes on the left) your test results will suffer.
Dynamic electrodes are good for one-time use only and must be thrown away after each use. So make sure you have plenty in stock – visit  to purchase.

Your E-Scan static sEMG electrodes should be replaced either every 150 scans, or each month. Take a close look at them. Are they dark gray with a matte finish?  or are they silver and shiny? If they are silver and shiny, they need to be replaced.

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