How can PI be clean?

It is completely understandable that the average Chiropractor prefers to avoid PI in their practice. Why? Oh, so so many reasons.

  1. It is dirty. There are SO many games which need to be played.
  2. Attorneys will never refer to us anyhow.
  3. Who wants to deal with the stress of being deposed?
  4. The income from PI is so much greater, that I would not know what to do with the added income!
  5. It is a violation of my philosophical orientation, as I want only patients who want to see me for wellness.

Time for a wake up call!

I’ll start with the last one first. Really? You’re going to deny patients who need you more than ANY patients? Those injured in auto accidents, with the most serious of soft tissue injury..that thing you are absolutely best at treating your skilled hands? Forget about the fact that you have more latitude in how often and for how long you see PI patients, but the fact that you as a doctor are needed, and don’t feel obligated to help is kind of a way of ignoring your most important oath.

Why is PI perceived as a “dirty game”? Because it has always required we do things which we know are unethical for the purpose of obtaining patients. Some pay for a list of DMV accident records. Some spend time and money taking attorneys to dinner. There are all kinds of “tricks”. The best trick of all, is to have tools which prove your value to attorneys. This way you don’t have to chase them down, but they chase you down.


Change the game from opinion vs opinion to data vs. opinion.
Attorneys tell me all the time, that they prefer to work with MD’s over DCs.  I started to ask.  “Clearly the public perception is that the MD has more credibility over the DC” is what I heard.  Is this the case for the DC armed with objective data?  Not at all. As a  matter of fact, doctors that used to fear being before a jury or even in a deposition now gladly accept such challenges, as they have their trusty DynaROM Data to protect them and their patients.
Focus on the data, and opinion means nothing. Literally.

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