NEW! Kevlar Lead Wires: more accurate readings + longer cords allows the DynaVision to stay at waist!

Do you want an easier, more accurate method of performing the cervical and lumbar test?  The new Kevlar lead wires are a significant improvement over the previous design with their high quality signal transmission. Now with extra long 40″ cords, you can leave the DynaVision at the patient’s waist.

Do you ever see “flat line” readings in the Cervical spine? There’s a simple fix.

  1. Upgrade or replace your lead wires to the new 40″ Kevlar Lead wires.  You can purchase them online store at
  2. Make sure to place the lead wires in the cervical paraspinals at approximately C4 and T3-T4 area.  The extra area covered by spreading the electrodes further apart provides significantly greater EMG amplitude, thus improving readings.

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