8/10 DCs HATE this video but 9/10 patients love it.

Watch and Learn!

We’ve been indoctrinated into believing that the LOUDER and more PASSIONATE we are about our beliefs, the more likely patients will “buy in.” Watch this video and see if you can figure out what patients are trying to tell us when they say they “love this video.”

So what is it that patients love? They can relate; it speaks their language. The bottom line:  They don’t care about your beliefs. They care about what you’re going to do for them. People have become very data driven, which is why just TELLING them isn’t enough anymore, you must SHOW them. MyoVision has produced the only research-based, reproducible Static sEMG on the market. It is the “Electronic Digital Palpation” tool, it’s objective, shows patients what you feel and allows you to track progress over time.  E-Scan data puts the patient in control of their healthcare. Give them this control and they will trust you.

By making Subluxation tangible, you no longer need to explain yourself or your value to your patients. Think of the E-Scan system as the “EKG for Spinal Health.”

MyoVision’s E-Scan has just received approval from one of the most prestigious hospitals in the world (yes, they are using the MyoVision Static sEMG in a hospital setting) as well as validation from the research department at a major University.  So why wait?  Capitalize on the “Evidence-Based Paradigm.” A single test takes only 30 seconds – quick and painless!

You want your patients to understand you, so communicate in a way they can comprehend – using E-Scan; it’s fast, easy and visual. Now, with the ability to send all your contact info directly to their smartphones, they’ll PROUDLY show their friends and family how smart they are for not choosing just any regular Chiropractor, but a Chiropractor with a high tech vision – MyoVision to be exact!

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