DynaROM Billing

It is very important to document how the test results impacted your treatment protocol and the meaning of the test data. Like all tools, it is one piece of evidence used to come to a clinical profile. It should not be used on its own without taking into consideration all of your clinical findings.​

The average reported amount billed for DynaROM is as follows:

  • 96002 The Test: approximately $75.00
  • 96004 The Interpretation:  approximately $200.00. The interpretation report template uses drop down menus to help you complete the report (in Feature Pack C and newer. You will need Microsoft Office 2010 or higher to use this feature.)
  • If you are performing a cervical and lumbar in the same day, you cannot bill an extra amount, as the CPT code is for 1-12 muscles tested under the same code.
  • Most DCs do not care to bill ROM separately because they would have to perform the test separately.  Many have reported they would rather bill the sEMG portion without being concerned about ROM.
  • Most bill the test 3 times in a PI case:  1. in the beginning to get a baseline, 2. in the middle and 3. in the end to establish if they have reached MMI.