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Cover Your Assests

By Nancy Miggins, DC & David Marcarian, MA The current healthcare ecosystem mandates efficiency and objectivism. The requirements to document, bill third party payors and actually get paid are becoming increasingly more rigorous and laborious….

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Turn Patients Smartphones into Genius Phones with Spinal Specific Marekting

Written by David Marcarian, MA and Nancy Miggins, DC As the original Chiropractic “Technogeek”, I feel obligated to make the lives of Chiropractors easier and more productive through the use of technology. One age-old issue…

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Objectify Your Bottom Line

Many Chiropractors find their way into the profession because they have had a positive, life-changing experience with Chiropractic. It is a profession where miracles, great and small, happen on a daily basis. Few Chiropractors, however,…

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